Payment and shipping

Successful shipping experience around the world!

How to buy

Clothes created by me can be bought in two methods:

Make an order of clothes with your custom requirements:

Most of the products which you can see on the website was made to order and delivered to customers. It means that not all products can be bought right now. However you can place an order of a product and I will make one for you. Also, it allows you to make some changes into the product (color, type of threads, size, etc.). Moreover, for you I can knit any other product which is not yet exist on my website. Just describe your ideas or send a photo of example found on the Internet.

Buy clothes ready for sale:

Also, on the page "Ready for sale" you will find clothes which can be bought immediately. I know that from time to time, someone urgently need knitted clothing. That is why I decided to create some quantity of clothes in advance. Here are some of the most popular models that are likely to be loved by many people. So, choose and buy now!


If you are a photographer or an owner of photo studio you may be interested in long-term cooperation which I have already successfully built with few permanent customers. Please find more detailed information about my offer on the page "Props for photos studio".



Shipping of products is paid by customers.

Worldwide shipping:

So far, I have successful experience of shipping to the following countries: Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, USA.

  • In case you need fast delivery you can use post service DHL. Delivery time: 3 days (based on experience of delivery to Spain). Price: high.
  • If your order is not urgent you can use national post service Ukrposhta. Delivery time: about 2 weeks (based on experience of delivery to Spain, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands). Price: low.
  • Also, some customers practice shipping with the help of friends: I ship the parcel to your friends in Ukraine and friends deliver it to you during personal trip.

Shipping within Ukraine:

  • In order to ship parcel within Ukraine, usually I use post service Nova Poshta.
  • Also any other post service convenient to you is possible (UkrposhtaInTime).

Shipping within Lviv:

  • We can meet personally in order to hand the product to you.
  • Also it is very useful to use post service Nova Poshta within city. It will allow to keep our schedules independent and pick up the parcel in time and place convenient to you.



The following payment methods are possible:

  • In cash in a personal meeting
  • Postpay when you pick up a parcel in post service office
  • Money transfer to a debit card
  • PayPal payment

Usually, before the shipment I provide a photo report of the product. It allows to be sure that expectations of the customer is fully met and the customer can safely make a payment for the completed order.


In some cases, for example when order consists of several outfits or requires expensive threads I can ask you for prepayment.

Money back guarantee

I can confidently say that I have never had unsatisfied customers and all their expectations were met. However, I want to mention that I guarantee refund in case you will be not satisfied with a product or a service. Of course, I don't think it can happen and I will do my best to make you satisfied with my product!

Payment for clothes ready for sale

Currently, it is possible to buy clothes which are ready for sale only by making a payment directly on my website via PayPal.